At Inner Peace, Outer Balance, my desire is to help you to create a life for yourself that best reflects who you are or who you would truly like to be in the world. The gifts that I possess and wish to share with you have the ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, empower and transform your body, mind and spirit. If you are open to change and allow yourself to receive, anything is possible. It does to matter what your belief system is or if you follow a specific religion. The challenges that hold us all back from reaching our desires have one thing in common.....our ability to love.

Science has shown us that everything--all of consciousness, all of thought and therefore all of life is energy. Love is a STRONG energy. My offerings either directly or indirectly work on the energy (mostly the energy of thought) around what is keeping you from your desires, or even from knowing what your desires are.

My offerings:

I am available for private sessions, group clearings,  meditation classes and parties. See the My Offerings page for more details.


There is a unique Japanese technology that creates pure, super-hydrating, antioxidant water for drinking that can help to bring the pH of your body back to the neutral state (pH of 7.0) it needs to maintain health and wellness. Yes, it is just water, but this is not something you can find in a store or even in the cleanest well! Among numerous other benefits, this water can optimize cellular health and communication as well as actually raising the vibrational energy in your body. I am able to provide samples and education about this and other waters available to us today.


With fifty years of research and innovation, Inner Peace, Outer Balance is proud to offer Hemi-Sync© Music CDs which offer assistance and support in applications such as focused attention, stress management, meditation, sleep enhancement and pain management.

December 11, 2012

Many new offerings coming for you now and in 2013!! This may require a new and improved website, HAHA! Anyway, I am now offering Soul Journey Readings where I connect to your guides and bring through a symbolic story of past, present and future that you write down and take home to decipher and interpret. These readings come through much is like a dream, so dream interpretation and animal totem information can be helpful aids for you.

I will also be teaching new courses in 2013, one of which is a class I've been hoping to teach for a couple of years now. It is "The Positive Power of Being Neutral©" course through permission of LeRoy Malouf of Energetic Well Being. This course will be offered in early 2013 in the Western Massachusetts area.

June 4, 2012

Several successful healing events come and gone. Tell me, what are you experiencing from the opening to love that my guides bring? Channeled healing, when accessed from high dimensional realms with a clean light connection, can be quite powerful and life changing. Many great testimonials coming in so far, but I would love to hear your story! If you are curious, ready for a positive life change and have not witnessed the power of my guides, come check out my upcoming events to see when you can get started! They are all free or suggested donation events.

March 26, 2012

Would you like a free healing session? We all need relief from stress, no? Well, gather your friends and host a psychic reading and healing party with me in your home! Invite at least 6 friends at $20 each to your home and your party is no cost to you! You also receive an extra 15 minutes of one-on-one time with me if you at least gather 10 people. Contact me for more details!


March 25, 2012

I channeled a message from one of my spirit guides today that was quite helpful for a decision I had to make, but in reading it again, I realized that this message would be helpful for a lot of people. So I'm sharing it with you today.

"This is a challenge that you have to face alone. The oneness of your spirits will be best achieved in strong separation--this goes for everyone who is close to you. If you were to combine your efforts now, it will only create more separation. Find it within yourself the ways in which you wish to help the people around you. They are not you, but when you experience their struggles within yourself, you will find that they are an unrealized part of you. Go within and you will see some darker parts of your unrealized being. I find that it is in you that I might be realized and I am eternally grateful for that. Let us be healed together."

Peace comes from within, not from without...